The Snubber story starts 30 years ago, when the inventor Jarl Fredrik Serlachius was working on the South American shipping line as a deck hand. Following his return home, further studies and work experience J.F. Serlachius felt a need to bring his idea out on paper.

The idea led to a design, followed by rigorous products testing in the harsh Northern European climate. Testing expanded due to popular demand from the North to Europe and from there to the Americas. Used and adored by solo sailers, world champions and boating enthusiasts around the world, popular demand drove J.F. Serlachius to develop the world fastest, easiest and most versatile mooring snubber into the award winning Snubber One.

Invented by enthusiasts, designed by experts, the SnubberOne is the first mooring snubber that can be attached to a rope - any rope - in 4 seconds flat. It comes in every possible color, so you can match it to your boat, rope or canopy.